Foot Orthotics

Orthotics are shaped insoles placed inside shoes with the purpose of restoring natural foot movement. This is necessary when the natural balance of our lower body has been disrupted by, for instance, over-pronation.

Chiropractors treat the whole body and can determine how the use of orthotics can complement our treatment, for example, a back, hip, knee or ankle problem associated with pain. It doesn't make sense to just put an orthotic in a shoe without both using manipulation to clear the restrictions in your foot and give specific exercises to strengthen the supportive musculature. For example, if you came to us complaining of back pain, we would not just give you a back support belt and leave you to it. We would combine manipulation and exercise in order to try to restore you back to full and normal function and give you an exercise program to strengthen the supportive core musculature.

Some insurance plans do cover a portion or all of the fee for orthotics and custom shoes. Each plan is highly variable, we can check your benefits for you.

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